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DN 8 /78er diamond - DUAL - pick-up needle

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Dual - DN 8 / 78er Diamond

Quality pick-up needle remake for Dual DN 8 pick-up's

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The beginnings

In fact, the origins of the founding idea of Klangheimat lie many years back in times of greatest personal challenges.
At that time, everything I had left was reduced to a few components of my dusty hifi system from the eighties. A magnificent male Pioneer amp weighing 20 kg, a Nakamichi tape with which I spent my evening hours in the Rhine Neckar Triangle in the glorious nineties, banning recordings of the legendary HR 3 Clubnight to cassette, a couple of huge box-shaped Canton speakers and a Thorens turntable.
Dusted off, I put the equipment back into operation in my new abode. The devices fristenden until then for many years a sad existence in the cellar.

The realization

There was a lot to clean up in my life, a lot of things were out of whack and I had a hard time to find an orientation. After work, I spent hours upon hours sitting in front of my stereo, which was already outdated at the time, in the 2000s. The cassette was practically dead and the record had long since gone out of fashion and production. Even the CD was in transition, as MP3 and streaming began to move the world. I, too, was already using the technology. Spotify didn't exist yet, but as a trained IT specialist I started ripping CD's very early to banish them to the hard drive. I used this technology for many years.
But now alone with my thoughts, in the countless hours in front of my old records, I suddenly noticed an influence that the archaic seeming turntable playback process had on me.
The process, taken for me by my age still very familiar, but I had never really noticed. In my early youth there was only this medium. Replaced by the marvel of modern digital technology. The Compact Disc (CD)

The effect

What I noticed in myself was a kind of change of character. A certain calmness, a perceived relaxation as an antipole to my stressful everyday life. The record forced me to concentrate.

A concentration on the essential: On the music. Where I was still wildly "zapping around" with my ripped music files, never really engaged in intensive listening, the complex playback process of the record forced me into a focus.

Analog music playback

But what can this positive effect of listening to records now be tied to? Better sound? Warmer music reproduction? Higher music data rate through original analog master recordings? At this point I don't want to start a religious war. In the end, everyone may decide for themselves. However, there is one unique selling point of the vinyl record: It is a haptic work of art!
You can literally hold it in your hand. Cover to look at. Cumbersome changing process to play them in their entirety. Difficult track search on the vinyl.
In short: She is old-fashioned but she lives. And in doing so, it gives us the slow rhythm of days gone by.
Once you get involved with it, you won't be able to escape it. And she sets the framework for us.
If she were able to speak, she would want to tell us the following:
"If you want to hear me or one of my siblings, you will have to think carefully beforehand about who it should be. Zapping is not with me, I am much too cumbersome for that. You don't want to do that. Take me all the way or not at all."
A record is enjoyed, streamed music mostly just consumed

The vision

Listening to records and thinking, the idea would form over the next few weeks, the desire to start a business. One that would be able to provide my future customers with an experience similar to the one I had myself. To offer a real added value.
Deceleration through conscious music listening. Giving back to people what they seem to lose through the enormously high clock rate of digital time. The moment.
If Goethe had been aware at the time of the changes the world would undergo after him, the statement of his words would certainly have made even more sense to people now almost 300 years ago.

"The miracle is the creature of the moment".

The foundation

The company Klangheimat took shape. At that time I was in contact with Günter Hannl, the creator of the world famous Hannl Vinylcare record washing machines.

I was fascinated by these devices and bought such a washing machine privately to call it my own. By the way, this machine is still in service today and is actively washing records for customers on a daily basis.
Mr. Hannl had noticed that I was interested in opening an online record store. He gave me the hint that a record store he knew was planning to close and that it might be worth a try to inquire whether the remaining stock could be taken over.
So it happened that I drove home with a fully loaded and on the ground dragging station wagon, full of records.
In addition to the remaining stock of all records, a CD also became my property. On it was a copy of the complete online store "audiophile-vinyl.de".

Hannl Mera Plattenwaschmaschine

I agreed with the former owner of the record store that we would continue to work together. He intended to offer hi-fi services in the future, I should have continued the record offer. So it came that my company was to be found from now on under the domain vinyl-audiophil.de, while his business was still operated under audiophile-vinyl.de.
In the further course of history he sold this domain, whereby until today two enterprises are to be found, which have however actually nothing more to do with each other.
(Note: we will probably change completely to klangheimat.de in 2022)

The Online Shop

The online store I bought was already a completely outdated system that no longer met any eCommerce requirements. In countless hours I adapted the system to our hosting environment. It would take many frustrated nights until the store finally went online.
I will never forget how it felt when the very first order came in.
At that point, I didn't know in any way what I was actually doing. But it was leading to something. That endured at a time when there were no "click me quickly together" online stores in manifold. Of course, e-commerce was already a thing, but it hadn't gone mainstream yet.
Also, there were practically no records to buy on Amazon, JPC was still small and the competition very clear.
The business took its course, its first uncertain steps. The first records were packed in the living room and sent on their way to the customer. Since the online store was lacking in all areas, the old store was replaced by modern software and expanded several times.


In the following years we did practically everything to let our new store go as fast as it had come.
In a completely confusing jungle of Internet advertising & service providers, marketing agencies, rating manufacturer systems, payment service providers and real scoundrels, we dissolved our money into thin air faster than it came back in.
A painful process that would be commonly referred to as teaching money. We didn't know any better. Nevertheless, as a positive aspect from that time grew out at least the decision to deal not only one-sided with software (sound carriers), but also with hardware (Hifi systems & accessories).
This led to the fact that Klangheimat today can show as a unique selling point an all-encompassing vinyl offer and are similarly strongly represented in the Hifi equipment & accessories area. We started as a record store and slowly developed into an "all seller" in the hi-fi sector as well.
The development always took place under consideration of the original vision to serve record listeners and to offer them a special experience.
Therefore, the design of the sound home is still strongly phono-based and designed to meet the requirements of analog music reproduction. We neither demonize nor disregard digital music reproduction. It is a fascinating technology and at least mobile version in constant continuous use for myself.

People and brands

In an almost unmanageable variety of brands and products, it was quite difficult for us to make the right choice of which items to offer. It is impossible to stand for everything on the market. In any case, it is not particularly advantageous and does not necessarily speak for a profound expertise to present oneself as a hi-fi supermarket. But where to start when you have practically no clue? Once again, experience showed the way. Learning by doing. We "did" and it was again partly quite painful. Annoyance at all corners and ends, and beautiful tone.
We had to rethink. Just as we wanted our customers to buy from us because of us, we wanted to buy from them because of others. We had to put aside pure product thinking and focus first and foremost on the contacts we were dealing with.
From then on, we looked first at the people behind the distributors of the brands in question before we thought about the product.
This eventually resulted in our current portfolio where we work with nice people and colleagues from bsw. Scheu Analog, Sieveking Sound, Speakers Corner, Audiotrade, High Fidelity Studio. Just to name a few.
Behind these products are great brands, behind the brands great people. And mostly these are produced by hand.

Recent time and current offer

Laden Klangheimat Holzkirchen

Unfortunately, an excursion into the stationary trade failed painfully due to wrong choice of location. Since then we concentrate only on online trade. The success of the past years should prove us right. It also made it possible to invest massively in the expansion of the product range. With a little pride we can refer today to about 10,000 offered articles, for which we control the logistics locally or with partners.
Since the middle of 2021, we are also starting with an Ebay store, through which we offer a part of our product portfolio. Tendency increasing.

Our mission

Digitalization is making its way into all areas of our lives. We want to take advantage of the good aspects. But where there is light, there is also shadow. It forces us humans into ever faster clock rates, to which we have not yet adapted ourselves emotionally. This has a noticeable, iever stronger negative influence on our being. We would like to create an antipole: We would like to give each person mindful spaces at their fingertips, where they can mindfully withdraw into moments.

The future of Klangheimat

In 2022, the stars are aligned for change. We will continue to grow and remain true to our promise: we give analog moments.
We will continue to expand our product portfolio, add new, interesting items, optimize processes and work on our service quality.
In order to get closer to our customers, we will also increasingly appear with our team in social networks.

Klangheimat Studio - Demonstration

From August 2022 we are able to demonstrate again. We have a new studio in new premises in which we would be very happy to visit by appointment .
Please inform yourself here about the Klangheimat Studio in Baiernrain near Holzkirchen in Upper Bavaria.


You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and now also in TikTok.

Klangheimat in Oberbayern - Abendstimmung
Visit us there, leave a comment or maybe a like. We would be very happy. We look forward to the future with excitement, because there we will also do the following:

We give analog moments, because with us the sound has a home.

A home in beautiful Upper Bavaria with a proud Palatine undertone.

Your Dr. Vinyl & Family

Die Klangheimat hat sich auf audiophile Schallplatten spezialisiert. Wir sind der Überzeugung, dass diese Art der Schallplatten, dem Kunden den höchsten Genuß in Klang und Verarbeitungsqualität bieten.
Dennoch bieten wir Ihnen natürlich jede am Markt befindliche Vinyl Schallplatte an, die für Sie individuell nachbestellen. 
Sie müssten dabei mit Lieferzeiten von 2-4 Wochen rechnen, da wir die angefragten Schallplatten weltweit über Großhändler beziehen.

Bitte lassen Sie uns über das Kontaktformular eine entsprechende Nachricht zukommen und geben Sie an, an welchen Vinyls Sie interessiert sind. Wir melden uns entsprechend bei Ihnen mit Preis und Lieferzeiten.

Schallplatten individuell anfragen

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